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Grow your childcare business with LineLeader.

Save time, improve centre operations and increase occupancy with industry leading functionality and features at LineLeader.

LineLeader Enrol Family Hub

Capture Calls as Leads
with Telephony.

Get a dedicated phone number for each centre location. All voicemails and outbound calls using that number are saved on the lead record.

LineLeader Telephony

Scroll Less and Enrol More
with the Updated Family Hub.

Find what you need with less scrolling and fewer clicks. Quickly access the information you need most.

Family Hub Screenshot

Automate Your Strategic
Marketing with Drip Campaigns.

Drip campaign behaviour-based automations allow you to communicate with prospective families based on how they interact with the content you share.

LineLeader Drip Campaign

Capture Leads from Facebook
with Facebook Integration.

Automatically capture leads from Facebook Messenger and Facebook Lead Ads. All leads are saved as pending leads. Plus, you can respond to Messenger chats from Enrol.

LineLeader Facebook Integration


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