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Standardise your parent enrolment journey.

Make the enrolment process consistent across all your centres to deliver a unified experience that’s on-brand. Establish uniform communications, tours, and operations. 

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Centrally manage enrolment to keep every centre on-brand.

Centrally manage enrolments to keep a consistent look and feel for your brand. Use branded and personalised templates that are sent based on a family’s enrolment stage. 

  • Enrolment Teams. Centrally manage enrolment. New leads for all centre locations are automatically routed to central enrolment specialists who can assess family needs.  
  • Multi-Centre Branding. Store branded templates to easily personalise your enrolment messages. Access multiple locations to automatically keep every location on brandacross locations. 
LineLeader Centre Director
Centre using LineLeader Enrol

Make every tour a great tour.

Save staff time and ensure they never forget a scheduled tour with our Tour Kiosk. List talking points for various areas of your centre so staff can give a consistent, on-point tour every time. 

  • Tour Talking Points. Streamline communication with centre staff before the tour. Proactively provide actual talking points for each centre facility, based on the type of tour. Create a uniform, best-in-class tour experience to improve parent satisfaction and enrolment rates. 

Integrate with your childcare management system.

Save staff manual data entry time and ensure family information is accurate with seamless integration between LineLeader and your childcare management system. Never lose valuable data, even after you make the switch.  

  • Childcare Management System Integration. Integrate with your centre's management system to start streamlining enrolment. Improve the effectiveness of family data - across both platforms. Decrease time-consuming manual tasks, minimise data entry errors, and make enrolment seamless for parents with an automated flow of information. 
Parents - LineLeader Enrol

Ensure every family has a seamless experience.

Help every staff member focus on what matters most – the children in their care. Eliminate having to track down and review paper-based forms and payments. 

  • Digital Enrolment Forms. Don't waste time on centre enrolment paperwork—sending reminders, deciphering handwriting, chasing down missing information. Make childcare registration easy for families. Digitise registration packets, including industry-standard forms, to streamline enrolments.

Standardise enrolment to deliver a unified, on-brand experience.


“They took our manual roadmap for leads and made it automated. [LineLeader is] a great time-saver for our staff and they even held personalised training for our multi-site teams.” 

- Education Manager

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