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Equip staff with key talking points before a tour.

Proactively provide tour talking points for every childcare nursery. Then, staff can access notes based on the type of viewing and each family's interest.

LineLeader Tour Talking Points

Make every tour a great tour.

Create a uniform tour experience. Host best-in-class tours to improve parent satisfaction and occupancy rates. 

LineLeader Talking Points
LineLeader Centre Tour

Keep your staff well-informed.

Save staff time and ensure they never forget a scheduled tour with our Tour Kiosk. List talking points for your centres so staff can give a consistent, on-point tour every time. 

Plus, let staff access all the information they need for viewings while on the go or using a tablet.

Customise tour talking points.

Within the talking points comment section, tweak the language to target different prospective parents regarding the age of their child, facility/developmental preferences, and more. 

LineLeader Family

Host amazing tours, every time.


"[LineLeader] has helped us decrease tour no-shows and improve parent communication across all our locations. We ask parents to respond to a tour confirmation text with their favorite emoji. It’s fun for parents and staff, as well."

Jessica J., CEO & President

LineLeader Daycare

Track tour success.

Report on scheduled and completed tours across settings. View how many tours and meetings have been scheduled and completed by each staff member. Ensure nursery success and boost staff performance - for all nurseries. 

The Benefits of Using Tour Talking Points

Save staff time.

Give your staff the information they need to encourage registration. Staff can quickly access Talking Points via a tablet.

Improve your touring process.

Following a tour, view the tour sheet record and adjust Talking Points, as needed, for the next viewing.


Increase parent satisfaction.

Standardise talking points by each nursery or brand to ensure every setting is providing great tours.

Boost enrolment.

Customise Talking Points based on the tour type or age group to create a personalised touring experience.

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