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Use Facebook to capture more leads with less work.

Capture leads from Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads. Family enquiries and conversations land right in your LineLeader Enrol inbox. Follow-up faster to remain top of mind.

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Grow your business with Facebook.

Collect parent information from Facebook enquiries in LineLeader Enrol. Capture all Facebook Messenger conversations and enquiries from Facebook ads in one place. Then, quickly schedule a follow-up right from your childcare experience platform. Manage leads with ease to enrol more families.

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Facebook marketing

Respond to Facebook Messenger chats, hands-free.

How often do you check Facebook Messenger for parent enquiries? 

With messages coming from all over - it's easy to forget. Use LineLeader Enrol to automate follow-up or respond in real time, right from your inbox. Manage all communications and respond to Facebook Messenger conversations in one place to enrol more families. Respond in real-time or automate texts and emails.

Instantly follow up with leads from Facebook ads.

An astounding 2.08 million people can be reached through Facebook ads. Maximise lead capture with Facebook advertising to grow your business. LineLeader Enrol syncs with Facebook to collect provided information from Lead Ads - a paid service. The platform creates a pending lead for you to edit, review, and accept. Then, automate follow-ups.

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Never miss an enrolment opportunity from Facebook.


"With this new integration, our users will no longer be at risk of not seeing a parent enquiry on Facebook and missing out on the opportunity to enrol that family."

Seth Martin, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder of LineLeader by ChildcareCRM

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Enhance efficiency for multi-centre childcare organisations.

Use LineLeader Enrol to capture Facebook messages and new leads for each location. Connect and manage all Facebook Business profiles in one place. Save valuable time.

The Benefits of Using Facebook Marketing

Save time.

Automate Facebook lead capture and follow-up. Send quick responses to families.

Grow at scale.

Integrate multiple Facebook business accounts in a few clicks. Capture Facebook leads for each centre.

Get a two-in-one feature.

Use LineLeader Enrol's Facebook marketing feature to collect Messenger chats and information from Facebook ads.

Boost enrolment and waitlists.

Gain more leads from Facebook. Automatically follow-up with families to fill enrolment and waitlist spots.

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