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Automate tasks to master your to-do list.

Monitor and assign tasks to your staff across locations. Help your staff save time for what matters most - educating the children in your centres. 


See current and upcoming tasks in one place.

Get a high-level view of past, present, and future communications with families. Track all tasks from one tab. Ensure families are receiving enough follow-up to encourage enrolment.

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Assign tasks in a few clicks.

When you use a childcare experience platform for task management, setting a task for yourself is simple. LineLeader Enrol also makes it easy to assign tours, phone calls, emails, and more to different team members. There’s no need to keep track of sticky notes, appointment reminders, or emails. See all your activity and assign tasks in a few clicks.

Automate important reminders.

Ensure staff never forget a task. Automate important reminders for tours, meetings, and follow-ups. Stay on track & meet your enrolment goals - every time.

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Stay on top of tasks to maximise enrolment.


"This software keeps me so organised. Being a director of a childcare centre, staying organised is essential for running an effective business. I am able to track my communication with families as well as stay on top of future start dates and tasks." 

Daria C., Centre Director

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Monitor task completion progress.

Make data-driven decisions to maintain centre productivity. In one click, see how many tasks have been completed by each staff member. Support staff that needs help with their tasks. Reward those that exceed expectations.

The Benefits of Using Task Automation

Save staff time.

Minimise manual work for your staff with task automation.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Use automated reminders to keep your staff informed.

Enhance productivity.

Manage and complete your daily to-do list across locations.

Easily monitor task completion.

Track tours, meetings, and follow-ups completed by each staff member.

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