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Capture leads from phone calls anytime, anywhere.

Get a dedicated phone number for each centre. Easily capture leads from voicemails and record outbound calls.

LineLeader Capture Leads with Telephony

Turn phone calls into leads. 

Never miss another phone call. Your childcare experience platform integrates with Telephony to provide a dedicated phone number. All calls from your phone number are recorded and saved to an existing family record. If one doesn’t exist, a pending lead is created and the recording is attached directly to your childcare experience platform.

Plus, calls to your phone number get automatically forwarded to your existing centre location phone number.  
LineLeader Mother on phone
LineLeader Family Text

Send text messages from your dedicated phone number.

Families get dozens of calls every day. Help them sift through the noise with a professional, dedicated phone line.  

Plus, send automated texts to parents and guardians to guide them through your enrolment process. They'll be more likely to respond to texts coming from one, professional number.

Access recordings and messages in one place.

21% of a Millennial's day is spent on their mobile phone. They're one of your primary parent demographics.  

Organise all communications and recordings with families in one place. Record inbound and outbound calls. Plus, save voicemails to a new or existing family record. Guide families through enrolment, starting with the initial phone enquiry.
LineLeader telephony

Stay organised to capture more leads with less work.


"This software keeps me so organized. Being a director of a childcare center, staying organized is essential for running an effective business. I am able to track my communication with families as well as stay on top of future start dates and tasks."

Daria, Director & Owner

LineLeader Phone Recordings

Review phone recordings to coach staff.

All calls from your dedicated number are recorded and saved to an existing family record. Click phone numbers directly in your childcare experience platform to make and record outbound calls. Use recorded voicemails to train new staff members on phone etiquette. Listen to phone recordings to coach staff on best practices.

The Benefits of Using Telephony

Save staff time.

Click phone numbers directly in LineLeader Enrol to automatically make and record outbound calls.

Stay organised.

Manage leads from phone calls, voicemails, text, email, website, and Facebook in one place.

Never miss an opportunity.

Quickly capture leads from phone calls – whether you’re in the centre or not

Easily coach and train your team.

Review phone and voicemail recordings to ensure staff use key talking points. Learn from past calls.

Resources to help you run your childcare business.

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