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Motivate more families to enrol with automated texts.

Store and send professional text templates for every centre. Nurture families throughout the parent enrolment journey to convert more, with less work. 



LineLeader Text Communication

Build professional texts in a matter of seconds.

Create and store professional text templates in a few clicks. Easily personalise your texts with variable tags that include information like the parent’s name, location of interest, director's name, and more. Engage families with unique messages.

LineLeader Text Templates
LineLeader Two-Way Communications

Respond in real-time with two-way texting.

Open rates for text messages are as high as 98%. Eliminate the need for staff to give out their personal contact information. View all inbound and outbound text messages in one place to quickly respond.

Communicate with parents the way they prefer.

60% of Millennials prefer to communicate with businesses via text. Get important messages out to families, faster, with text marketing.

LineLeader Childcare Centres

Improve communication, instantly.


"[LineLeader] has helped us improve parent communication across all our locations. We ask parents to respond to a tour confirmation text with their favourite emoji. It’s fun for parents and for staff, as well."

Jessica J., CEO & President

LineLeader Text Message Performance

Report on text message performance.

See which locations are responding to texts in a timely manner. Track what messaging within your text campaigns is performing best. View delivery rates, open rates, and more.

The Benefits of Using Text Marketing

Delight parents.

Schedule texts to send for a specific group or family, based on their unique care needs.

Stay on-brand.

Use stored text templates to create uniform messaging.


Boost engagement.

Today’s parents prefer convenient options and fast responses.

Scale your text campaigns.

Save time by sending mass text messages to families, across locations.

Resources to help you run your childcare business.

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