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Expertly capture more leads on your website.

Automatically collect information to guide families - from their first enquiry to re-enrolment. Maximise enrolments with less work.

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Optimise your website for lead capture.

Enhance your website by expertly designing unlimited web forms - hands-free. Use a simple web form builder in LineLeader Enrol to save, edit, and publish web forms with the click of a button. The possibilities are endless. Increase family leads across locations. You can even dedicate a landing page on your website for digitally scheduling tours.


Efficiently manage family enquiries from web forms - in one place.

All web form enquiries instantly flow into your family hub. Keep information organised to quickly respond to families - before the centre across the street does. Easily review and approve enquiries from web forms as a pending lead in your family hub.

Automate follow-up for enquiries made via web forms.

Schedule text messages and emails to send when families submit a web form. Improve centre response times with automated texts and emails. Send consistent communications that provide next steps for families. Offer a seamless enrolment experience with informative, valuable messages.


Simply organise leads and maximise enrolments.


"We have been able to integrate [LineLeader] with our website which has been important. The organisation of leads is [great]. Plus, the layout of lead information is simple and straightforward with a clean look."

Sarah J., Director of Marketing Operations

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Track lead sources.

See what leads are coming from each channel. Improve your website with real-time insight. Use one-click reporting to monitor the effectiveness of your website. Track leads from website enquiries, social media, Google, referrals, direct mail, and so much more.

The Benefits of Using Web Forms

Reduce manual tasks.

Minimise manual tasks. Automate the collection and organisation of family information.

Manage web enquiries for all families.

Easily manage phone, text, email, website, landing page, and Facebook leads in one place.

Never miss another lead.

Quickly capture leads. Then, automatically schedule follow-up communications from anywhere.

Monitor the effectiveness of your website.

Track where families are coming from with one-click reporting.

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