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Enrol more families with digital forms.

Don't waste time on registration paperwork. Digital forms make enrolment convenient for your staff and families.

LineLeader Enrolment Forms

Enrol families online.

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM scoured hundreds of childcare enrolment packets to create an industry-standard packet—available digitally. Automatically collect family information, emergency contacts, consent and agreements, medical background, and all necessary government forms.

LineLeader Digital Childcare Forms
LineLeader Required Fields

Ensure enrolment forms are complete, every time.

Eliminate chasing down missing paperwork or information. Use required fields to capture all necessary information. 

Save time with pre-filled family information.

With paper registration packets, families sometimes have to re-enter their information up to 9 times. Minimise the hassle with pre-filled form information - saved and populated from a family's record in LineLeader. Families save countless hours.

LineLeader Enrolment

Stop chasing down families to collect paperwork.


"[LineLeader] fills out all the information we need without having to chase anyone for anything. Once those forms are completed, we can move on to enrollment...we don’t have to find missing information. The convenience and peace of mind I take away [from LineLeader] is just having everything in one place."

Dexter S., Program Coordinator

LineLeader Automation

Automate reminders to families.

Automatically send an email with your enrolment packet link. Then, support families with text and email reminders as they fill out enrolment forms.

The Benefits of Using Digital Childcare Forms

Save time.

Give families any time, anywhere access to your childcare registration packet. Parents can e-sign the packet—no dropping off required.

Simplify registration.

Tailor the registration packet for your needs by removing or customising sections.


Increase form completions.

Automatically send reminders to make sure registration packets are complete. Guide families through the next steps.

Be inclusive.

Forms are available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, or Chinese. 

Resources to help you run your childcare business.

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