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Attract interest from leading childcare marketplaces.

Effortlessly gain, manage, and follow-up with leads from childcare listing directories.

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Increase family leads with childcare listing directories. 

Capture and follow up with inquiries from childcare listing directories, like Kinside and WinnieGet your childcare website on an online listing directory, so thousands of parents can find your centers. Then, automatically schedule follow-up the second a lead hits your inbox.

Family leads with childcare listing directories - LineLeader
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Streamline your enrolment process.

Family leads automatically flow into LineLeader Enrol from childcare listing directories. Minimise data entry errors and save time with automation. 

Make it easy for parents to enquire.

With a childcare listing directory integration, parents can easily search for your childcare business and enquire for care. Once families enquire for care, the information lands in your childcare experience platform.

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Empower your centres. 


"The strength of our listing directory [Kinside] and [LineLeader] together gives parents the resources they need while giving centers the power to flourish in times good or bad."

Shadiah S., CEO of Kinside, USA

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Automate follow-up.

Follow-up with leads, easier. Parent information from childcare listing directories flows into LineLeader Enrol - creating a family record. Automate personalised follow-up to get families excited about enrolling their child at your centre. 

The Benefits of Using a Childcare Listing Directory Integration

Maximise leads.

Get listed on reputable childcare directories to boost your business presence. 

Save valuable time.

Easily capture, manage, and follow-up with more leads.

Enhance the parent experience.

Make it convenient for families to locate and enquire about your childcare business.

Improve your revenue stream.

Increase enrolments and gain an additional revenue stream from listing directories.

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