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Attract more families with purposeful landing pages.

Create designated landing pages with web forms to increase interest and boost conversions. 

LineLeader Enrol Laptop Family Hub

Make it easy for parents to express interest. 

Ensure your website is simple for families to navigate. Let families wnquire about care at their convenience. 

Your goals are limitless: why shouldn't your website be? Design unlimited landing pages to accomplish every enrolment goal - whether it's increasing leads, getting more tours scheduled, or enrolling for holiday programs. Create landing pages to accomplish more with less work.

LineLeader Contact Landing Page
LineLeader Tour Scheduler

Effortlessly design landing pages with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

Build, store, and edit landing pages with LineLeader Enrol. Create custom landing pages for your unique enrolment needs or tweak existing landing pages within the system to match your childcare brand. Connect landing pages to LineLeader, so you can easily organise website enquiries and automate follow-up.

Improve your website to increase family leads.

Landing pages see 160% higher conversion rates, compared to other types of signup forms. Add landing pages to your website to promote your enrolment goals. Then, easily guide families through your enrolment process by automating follow-up for website enquiries. 

LineLeader Website Leads

Enrich your website with high-quality landing pages to boost enrolment.


"This software helped us finally get our arms around the incoming funnel of potential new clients. The systematic process of moving the leads through the process has helped us better structure our marketing and enrollment process."

Sarah H., Marketing Projects Manager

LineLeader Family

Monitor landing page performance.

See how many leads are coming from your website. Enhance your digital enrolment campaigns with real-time insight. Use one-click reporting to monitor website success. Track leads from website enquiries, social media, Google, referrals, direct mail, and so much more. Meet enrolment goals by improving your landing pages with real data.

The Benefits of Using Landing Pages

Reduce manual work.

Eliminate manual tasks. Effortlessly automate capturing family lead information.

Improve your website with less work.

Use a drag-and-drop editor to effortlessly build landing pages.

Maximise lead capture.

Automatically capture leads and schedule follow-up to remain top of mind.

Improve your parent experience.

Make it easy for families to enquire - no matter your enrolment goal.

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