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Follow up with every lead, hands-free.

Marketing automation lead management helps ensure opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. Automate manual or repetitive tasks. Plus, design hands-free marketing campaigns for every stage in a family's enrolment journey. 

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Engage parents with personalised messages.

Spend less writing emails and texts. Automatically send stored email and text templates. Use dynamic content to engage families with personalisation keys like their first name, their child's name, and more.

Personalization example
Example drip campaign

Encourage families to enrol, with less work.

Automate multi-step, response-based email and text campaigns. Schedule automated texts and emails that are unique to each parent's experience. Effortlessly give families the personalised experience they're looking for with automated drip campaigns.

Standardise your professional campaigns, across locations.

Ensure every family receives a consistent enrolment experience. Use email and text templates that include your childcare brand elements like logos, fonts, and colors. Provide an excellent enrolment experience with professional messaging and imagery. 


Connect with families, faster.


"We can connect with families quicker and in a more timely, professional manner. The speed of response has made a huge impact on our conversion rates. Our average conversion rate from inquiry to waitlisted or registered is 39.6%, almost 3x higher than the global average."

Cara J., VP of Marketing & Parent Experiences

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Oversee marketing performance, in a few clicks.

Marketing automation lead management helps ensure opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. Design hands-free marketing campaigns for every stage in the prospective family’s enrolment journey. 

Plus, easily view the results of each marketing campaign. Share and analyse campaign profits to keep everyone up to date. 

The Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Save staff time.

Save time by automating the most tedious part of enrolment. Design beautiful campaigns, with less work.

Grow at scale.

Build unique, response-based email and text


Engage parents.

Use dynamic content to engage families with personalised email and text communications.

Boost enrolment and waiting lists.

Improve conversions with automated messages that get families excited to enrol.

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