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Eliminate manual work to streamline administrative processes.

Managing data by hand, such as enrolment records and communication, is incredibly burdensome. It takes away valuable staff time and resources, minimising productivity. However, a secure Childcare Management System Integration can help save countless hours and reduce data errors. 


Reduce manual data entry to save time and improve accuracy.

The average manual data entry error rate is 62%. Enable family data to flow automatically between the two technologies. Eliminate the potential for human error, improving family data accuracy and giving your staff hours back in their day.

LineLeader Damily Hub

Enhance data and information security.

Family data flows directly from your LineLeader Enrol platform into to your Childcare Management System. Securely transfer information between your CRM and CMS, as all data is PCI-encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Deliver a best-in-class experience by giving families confidence in your processes. 

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LineLeader Enrol Family Task

Elevate the enrolment experience for families.

In a matter of clicks, connect your CRM and CMS to start improving your enrolment process. 80% of Millennials (one of your key parent demographics) expect an immediate response when contacting a company. With instant and accurate access to data, your staff has all the information needed to follow up with families faster. 

Keep data clean - across your organisation.


" [I love] the ability to integrate multiple software into their system, giving childcare owners the freedom to trust and manage their schools."

- Keisha S., Childcare Business Owner

The Benefits of Using a Management System Integration

Minimise manual work.

Eliminate manual reporting to ensure information is accurate. Minimise repetitive work for your staff.  

Improve the parent experience.

Parents don't have to fill out the same information over and over.

Standardise enrolment.

Integrations seamlessly merge family information. Data and communications will stay consistent across locations.

Reduce errors.

Digital data entry eliminates human error. Reduced errors mean a greater return on your investment.

Resources to help you run your childcare business.

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