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Build better relationships with families, streamline marketing, and boost occupancy.

LineLeader provides award-winning CRM software for Early Childhood Education and Care providers. 

Centre Managers and Executives across Australia use LineLeader to organise leads, save staff time,
grow enrolment, and get insight into business performance.

LineLeader Enrol Platform

Scale your marketing and track campaign performance with LineLeader.

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Give staff back 8 hours a week by automating manual tasks and assigments from enquiry to retention.

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Automate Marketing

Build strong family relationships with your families and deliver personalised enrolment experiences.

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Boost Occupancy

Consistently reach occupancy goals. Our users achieve lead conversion rates as high as 75%.

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Engage the Waitlist

Guide families from their first enquiry to their child’s first day of care with automated communications.

Save staff time, eliminate manual work.

Help marketing and administrative staff save 40+ hours every month by centralising lead capture, standardising follow-up with prospective families, digitising tour scheduling, and automating reporting. Reduce tedious but necessary tasks for your enrolment team members so they can focus on what matters most. 

LineLeader Tour Scheduler Example
LineLeader Capturing Leads

Capture and convert more leads.

Capture leads from phone calls, emails, Facebook, listing directories, your website, and more – in one central place. Then, automate email and text communications to instantly follow up on every lead. Our top-performing users convert more than 75% of their leads. 

Make data-driven enrolment decisions.

Manage performance at-a-glance. Monitor staff productivity, enrolment health, and campaign success. Forecast financials and gain valuable insights for your business at the centre, regional, or corporate levels. Save time with automated reports that can be sent to anyone in your organisation.

LineLeader Marketing Campaigns Report

Standardise the enrolment experience across locations.

Maintain brand consistency. Use email, text, landing page, and web form templates that reflect your brand’s look and feel. Make your enrolment process consistent and establish oversight across schools and centre locations.

Australian ECEC providers choose LineLeader because it helps...

Save Staff Time

Eliminate manual tasks with automation and efficient reporting.

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Grow Occupancy

Capture and convert more leads to enrolled and waitlisted.

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Engage Families

Communicate with your families with quality and consistency. 


Trusted by 0 childcare centres in Australia and around the world.

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Capture and convert more leads. Automate lead follow up, tour scheduling, registration, and reporting. Book a demo to learn more.