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Automatically share a daily report with your students' families.

Send daily sheets to families, in just a few clicks. Share activities, lessons, notes, and memorable photos from that day. Report on your student's moods, meals, nap schedules, and bathroom logs. Send emergency or low-supply stock alerts, with less work. Further, inform parents of how engaged their children are every day.


Send a hands-free overview of key lessons learned each day.

Highlight daily lesson plans, activities, and learning progress for each child. In a matter of clicks – improve parent involvement in their child's developmental journey. Keep everyone in the loop and foster a love of learning.


Instantly communicate updates to families.

Effortlessly notify parents about important information. Share behavioral updates and unexpected illnesses, emergency center closures, and identify low areas of your supply stock - all in one neatly bundled report. And the best part is, daily reports to each family are automated, with the click of a button.

Safely & securely give parents the information they're looking for.

Quickly alert parents with a secure system, so they're not left wondering. Easily save countless hours with a quick recap of each student's day. Our platform will instantly (and securely) build it for you!


Save time, decrease stress, and improve safety with automated daily reports.


[LineLeader] can tell me how many parents are active and engaged in the app. I can easily and safely report on each student's day. It's important that we know we're keeping families and students happy.”

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

The Benefits of Using Automated Daily Reports

Keep information up to date.

Connect with families. Build trust by sharing essential information – every day. 

Boost family satisfaction.

Keep families in the loop when it comes to their child’s learning progress, moods, or habits. Get parents excited about how your center operates.

Save time.

Ditch the manual, paper reports with quick digital updates. 

Stay proactive.

Inform parents, when required daycare supplies run low. Parents will appreciate having this information in advance. 

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