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Build meaningful relationships with your enrolled families.

Today's families and staff expect real-time communication and easy-to-use engagement tools. Close the gap between teachers and guardians while offering a seamless experience with your brand.

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Bridge the gap between teachers and families.

Allow educators to connect with families in real-time and keep them ‘in the know’ throughout their child’s day.  

  • Family Engagement App. Give families confidence about their care choices via a secure, tailored app that lets you deliver all the details they need, from billing info to the true value of play-based learning and everything in between.
  • Family Portal. Enable enrolled families to manage tuition payments, track their child’s developmental milestones, review meal menus, and more in one central hub.
  • Activity Tracking. Provide teachers with the ability to update families throughout the child’s day by sharing daily activities and developmental observations.
  • Photo Gallery Allow families to view photos and videos throughout their child’s day and share these special moments with other family members and friends.
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Keep parents in the loop about their child’s care.

Provide families with the tools they need to reinforce their child’s curriculum and support ongoing developmental progress.

  • Curriculum Sharing. Allow teachers to share lesson plans with less work by classroom or age group to ensure families can help reinforce curriculum at home.
  • Meal Planning. Make things easier for staff by allowing them to share menus with families in advance - across classrooms, age groups, and more. 
  • Daily Reports. Save staff time and say goodbye to paper-based daily sheets with automated, summary emails that help families support development at home.

Monitor students' developmental growth.

Easily review and share children’s developmental growth and learning milestones, plus automatically share these with families at consistent intervals. 

  • Digital Portfolios. Provide staff with peace of mind before and during family-teacher conferences with automated portfolios that reflect the growth of the children in their care.
  • Developmental Observations. Share children’s developmental progress with families and track whether each child has met the learning standard set forth by your state, center, or organization.

Gather feedback from families with ease.

Gain valuable insights and feedback from families without having to manually send multiple communications 

  • Digital Newsfeed. Provide teachers with the ability to update families throughout the child’s day. Plus, families can reply and react to updates to inform staff of the impact they’re making. 
  • Unlimited Messaging. Send communications as much as families want or need. Use one family benefits platform for guidance, to increase retention and ensure messages don’t get overlooked.

Keep families engaged and at ease.


“[The engagement app] affirms the trust that a parent already has in a center, and really helps them feel more confident in knowing what’s happening with their children in their absence.”

Gigi Shweikert, CEO of Lightbridge

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