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Gain key business insights from enrollment data in one-click.

Gain immediate insight. Access key enrollment metrics, measure staff performance, and easily report or forecast revenue. Make decisions backed by data to get a comprehensive view of center success.

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Get a real-time view into center performance and success.

Instantly check the pulse at your center. View key enrollment metrics. Holistically measure and manage staff performance, enhance oversight with data-driven insight, and monitor finances. Monitor who you have on your waitlist across locations. 

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Easily report on revenue.

Effortlessly project and forecast finances for each center. Forecast enrollment ratios, trends, and annual profit for the upcoming year. Plus, use report data to deliver an outstanding family experience. 

Make data-driven decisions.

From enrollment data to daily reports to finance trackingstay informed in one-click. Plus, automate a Capacity Planning report to see the day-to-day availability within your center.  

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The Benefits of Using One-Click Reporting

Minimize manual work.

Eliminate manual reporting to ensure information is accurate. Save time by gaining access to real-time data. Minimize repetitive work for your staff.  

Build trust.

Communicate information from reports to parents. In one-click – share updates, attendance, progress, and more.  

Increase buy-in.

Let staff send daily reports or track attendance with ease. Lessen their load to enhance team buy-in.

Optimize the parent experience.

Use insight from reports to enhance the parent experience. Measure and track engagement from individual profiles. Understand what it takes to keep parents happy. Retain more families with less work. 

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