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Satisfy state and licensure compliance, with less work.

Staying up to date with state regulations can be exhausting, especially when juggling other responsibilities. Don't waste precious time. Instead, automatically meet state and licensure compliance. Document family records, balance classroom ratios, and manage student immunizations in just a few clicks.


Maintain student records with digital attendance tracking.

Staff can track all child information in one place to monitor attendance, classroom ratios, and approved pick-ups. Record and organize child data in real-time. 

  • Contactless Check-In/Check-Out Digitize drop-offs and pick-ups for staff and families. Fulfill licensure compliance with automated records. Maintain a digital attendance record for billing, health, and safety purposes.

Manage classroom ratios at-a-glance.

Staff can effortlessly classroom ratios at-a-glance. Monitor the number of students per staff member or educator to stay in compliance. Fill enrollments and ensure each classroom has enough staff members.  

  • Classroom and Ratio Management. Allow staff to track classroom ratios so each location can easily stay compliant with state regulations. Oversee the number of students per educator, in a few clicks. Provide excellent education and improve instruction quality with proper student-to-staff ratios. 

Automate student vaccination and healthcare reminders.

Meet immunization requirements by state. Make it easy for staff to automatically send reminders to ensure families are aware of the revaccinations needed for their children to attend school. 

  • Family Portal. Keep families informed with less work. Satisfy state immunization laws by requiring vaccines like Polio, PCV, MMR, and more – depending on your location. 

Meet state and childcare licensure compliance with ease.

“[The software] is comprehensive, useful, and user-friendly. There are many options and applications to use.”

 - Education Manager

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