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Manage enrollment on the go.

Whether you’re at your desk or in the classroom - efficiently run your childcare center from the palm of your hand. With the LineLeader Enroll mobile app, Center Directors can follow up with families, without having to give out personal contact information.

LineLeader Enroll mobile app

Review pending family leads.

Easily review pending leads, accepting or rejecting them with just a tap to ensure no families fall through the cracks. Feel confident that you're able to stay on top of new opportunities.  
LineLEader Enroll mobile app - childcare software
LineLEader Enroll mobile app - childcare software, parent communication

Complete tasks and enhance parent communication.

Streamline childcare lead management by viewing and completing enrollment tasks all on your mobile device. Plus, enhance parent communication by effortlessly reading, writing, and responding to messages from potential families - all through the app.

View center tours and see who's starting or withdrawing. 

Get a clear view of your day for you, your staff, and your entire center. This childcare app lets you see today’s tours and meetings, and easily identify which children are starting or withdrawing, streamlining operations for early childhood educators.

LineLeader Enroll mobile app - childcare software, tours

The Benefits of Using a Childcare CRM App

Save Center Directors' time.

Save time by completing tasks on the go. Directors can stay on top of their daily to-do list with ease.

Streamline your enrollment workflow.

Directors can manage tasks right from their mobile device, even away from their desk.

Engage parents & improve follow-up.

Communicate with families from your cell phone, without giving out your personal contact information.

Manage your day at-a-glance.

Easily see which children are starting, who is withdrawing, and what center tours or meetings are coming up.

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