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Manage user permissions and system access with ease.

Enable system permissions by role, team, location, and more. Ensure your team has access to the functionality they need to accomplish their daily tasks.

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Give proper system access to the right users.

Limit which team members have access to sensitive business information, such as finances and compliance. Equip executives with insights to make key decisions and center staff with lesson planning tools, family engagement features, and more 

With unlimited users, the sky's the limit.

With unlimited users, the possibilities are endless. Increase staff retention and revenue by equipping every team member with the resources they need to be successful. 

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The Benefits of Using Permissions Control

Avoid confusion.

Set the right permissions for staff and directors. Enable access, so they know exactly what tasks to tackle that day.  

Stay organized.

Maintain permission settings from one screen. Eliminate fragmented teamwork.  

Create buy-in.

Let staff see their daily tasks. Ensure childcare leaders and upper management can see performance and adjust permissions. Maintain system organization to increase team buy-in.

Increase productivity and boost revenue.

Equip staff and directors with all they need to assist families. Encourage team cohesiveness and productivity to increase enrollment revenue 

Resources to help you run your childcare business.

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