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Digitally share visual updates.

Share memorable moments, daily updates, and milestones via photo or video. Visually connect through two-way communication and make it easy to monitor engagement.


Update parents in real-time.

Instantly share video and photo updates of daily activities. Engage guardians in their children’s development. Use the activity feed to share memorable moments of each child.  



Visually connect with two- way communication. 

Quickly send photos and videos. With two-way communication, parents can respond to media updates and announcements that inform teachers of the impact they’re making each day.

Simplify engagement tracking.

Give educators and staff tools to easily monitor engagement. Users can view real-time reports on family engagement metrics to build trust. Track how guardians react to photos and posts. 


Increase engagement through shared photos and videos of memorable moments.


I really like how [the system] improves parent-child communication. We have one family who goes through pictures and videos together at bedtime to talk about their day.

- Central Preschool

The Benefits of Using Digital Curriculum Management

Save time with digital updates.

Keep families in the loop. Staff can instantly share video and photo updates of daily activities. 

Build trust.

Allow families to revisit current or previous video and imagery content. Plus, they can instantly share updates with loved ones.

Boost engagement.

Inform and engage families in their child’s development and memorable moments.

Quickly digest family engagement metrics.

All family engagements are recorded as soon as guardians react to your photo. Access engagement reports with the click of a button.  

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