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Transform tracking and reporting child milestones with digital portfolios.

Digitally document growth. Update child portfolios and track observations - in just a few clicks. Build relationships by sharing overall progress results in parent-teacher conferences. Inform guardians of key developmental milestones achieved throughout the school year.

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Instantly document progress for future parent-teacher conferences.

Document children’s developmental progress in real-time. Record milestones as they happen each week, month, and so on. Provide evidence of curriculum mastery to highlight your program’s quality. Then, share overall progress results with parents or guardians at teacher conferences.  

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Access child portfolios in one place.

Automatically store child observations or report cards digitally. Easily access all the information needed to monitor progress over time with portfolios. 

Inform families of their child's developmental milestones and comprehensive progress achieved.

Each child’s portable portfolio is beautifully designed and can be viewed from a teacher’s screen or exported. Keep guardians in the loop by reviewing their child’s digital report card. Ensure learning goals are met over the course of the school year. 

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The Benefits of Using Digital Portfolio Management

Ditch paper folders and sheets.

Eliminate manual tasks for educators and staff. Equip them with the ability to digitally record children's progress – with the click of a button. 

Build trust.

Inform parents of their child’s development and learning progress. Provide documented evidence of child success in parent-teacher conferences.

Increase involvement.

Keep parents in the loop. Get them excited about investing time in their child’s developmental journey.

Ensure developmental goals and progress are met.

Easily monitor how each child is advancing. Identify key areas of focus to meet state requirements and loop families into their child’s development. Inform families about what activities to work on at home with their child.  

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