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Access student records in one place in real-time.

Obtain all the family information and records you need. Automatically keep forms, profiles, and portfolios up to date. Track attendance and securely store financial information in one tab.

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Attach online registration forms to family profiles.

Build parent and child profiles. Automatically attach updated enrollment forms. Plus, store financial and contact information within forms at level 1 PCI compliance. 

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Digitally track childcare attendance and observations.

Keep a digital log of child attendance with contactless check-in and check-out. Further, maintain observations and progress updates in child portfolios.  

Securely store invoices and automate bills.

Automatically collect tuition. Easily tack on late fees or supply fees. Directors can securely store or access payment records in real-time. Plus, encourage parents to pay fees online – via a secure app.

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The Benefits of Using Real-Time Record Keeping

Stay organized.

All real-time records are easily accessed from one tab.   

Improve accuracy.

Minimize human error with digitized data entry. Maintain updated records in real-time. 

Enhance security.

Safely store financial and contact information. Family data is PCI-compliant.

Save valuable time.

Use automated records to eliminate manual data collection.   

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