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Bright Start Saves Valuable Time and Ensures Stress-Free Enrollment with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM.

Bright Start Early Care and Preschool chose LineLeader to help them save valuable time and stay organized across both their locations.

Bright Start Preschool
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We can gather all family information in one place, communicate at scale, and send out personalized updates to every family in our list...It's the best software we have in our arsenal at the moment.


Dexter Stowe
Enrollment Coordinator at Bright Start Early Care and Preschool


Bright Start Early Care and Preschool, a Washington, DC-based childcare business, has been providing top-tier early education services since 2002. But after nearly two decades of manually managing enrollment tasks, Founder and Owner, Marcia St. Hilaire Finn, knew her team needed a change.

Bright Start chose LineLeader to help them save valuable staff time and stay organized across both their locations.


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Saving Time with Workflow Automations

The administrative staff is busy with a variety of tasks each day. With so much on their plate, staff wasn’t always able to follow up promptly, and sometimes, inquiring families fell through the cracks.

But now, Bright Start uses Enroll to automatically capture leads coming from their website, Facebook page, digital ads, and phone calls - all in one place.

Then, the CRM follows up with families for them, even sending links that allow parents to schedule tours online. Families receive personalized emails and texts based on their care needs and enrollment stage.

Family information from our landing pages and web forms immediately flows into our CRM...The workflow feature is miles ahead of any competitor we’ve used in the past.

Dexter Stowe, Enrollment Coordinator
Bright Start Early Care and Preschool

With LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, Bright Start

  1. Increased conversion rates to 54%, from tour completed to enrolled status. 
  2. Captured over 1,000 new leads.
  3. Achieved a 53% tour completion rate. 

Simplifying Enrollment with a Unified Platform

Bright Start’s enrollment team was wasting time deciphering handwriting, chasing down missing forms, and manually entering family information into their CMS. Meanwhile, parents had to fill out stacks of paperwork, causing a delay in registration.

With LineLeader, Bright Start has simplified their registration process. Parents receive a digital enrollment packet that’s pre-populated with their information from the CRM. Plus, Bright Start can tailor the enrollment packet to their needs, specify which form fields are required, and easily access all enrollment documents in one place.

“The required form fields help call attention to important items that need to be filled out. We don’t have to chase down anyone for anything...It’s a lot easier than before,” Dexter said.

Best of all, Enroll and Manage work together to minimize Bright Start’s manual tasks, using automated reminders that encourage parents to complete their enrollment forms and pay outstanding fees.

Feeling Supported by the Customer Success Team

Getting started with new technology can be stressful and time-consuming for Directors and staff if they don’t have the right support.

Fortunately, LineLeader has a team of experts to guide childcare businesses through each step. Just like every other new customer, Bright Start received personalized user training sessions, access to an extensive support knowledge base, and prompt replies to their questions.


[With LineLeader], there's always someone there to help.

Dexter Stowe, Enrollment Coordinator
Bright Start Early Care and Preschool

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, helps Bright Start

"Save time tracking enrollment 'at a glance', as well as completing administrative tasks and preventing gaps in the onboarding process by keeping information housed under one platform. No more copy and paste!"

Dexter Stowe, Enrollment Coordinator
Bright Start Early Care and Preschool

Staying Organized Throughout the Enrollment Process

"Choosing LineLeader was a no-brainer. We were sold on the ability to streamline the enrollment process from new lead to offboarding on one platform...that is a dream come true."

"Based on my experience with our previous process, It was a bit tedious going back and forth between different applications to retrieve, track, and transfer information."

See LineLeader in action.

unified platform to manage your entire business.


Capture and convert more leads. Automate lead follow up, tour scheduling, registration, and reporting.


Automate daily reports and share memorable moments. Easily communicate with parents with our family engagement app.tour scheduling, registration, and reporting.


Automate billing and invoicing Manage classroom ratios and curriculum. Track and report on attendance, payroll, and more.