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Standardize & improve the tour experience across all your locations.

Eliminate the back-and-forth of scheduling tours. Make it easy for parents and guardians to schedule tours right from your website and automate follow-up communications and reminders.

Enroll - parent-scheduled tours PST

Simplify tour scheduling. 

Ensure your website is easy to browse. Families want to enroll with the center that streamlines tour scheduling.

Plus, you set your center's availability and families conveniently choose a time that works best. Never get caught off guard by an unexpected family drop-in. Host high-quality tours that encourage enrollment.
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Enroll - parent-scheduled tours (PST) tour availability & tour settings

Control center and staff tour availability.

Set how many tour spots are available. Choose which days and times are open to families. Maintain tour schedules how you want - when you want. Establish tour days and times that work best for you and your staff. Keep everyone in the loop with digital tour scheduling software.

Host best-in-class tours.

Don't let families slip through the cracks. Maximize tour bookings with a digital tour scheduler that syncs to your childcare experience platform. 

Additionally, give staff all the information they need - the second parents register for a tour. Highlight your center and provide an exceptional tour experience. 
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Effortless Tour Scheduling for Families and Staff


"We love making things easier for our families. Having a digital tour scheduler on our website is another convenience for today's busy families. Plus, staff spend less time making phone calls and sending emails to schedule tours."

Tracy T., Customer Relations Specialist

Enroll - PST, parent-scheduled tours, tour reminders, automation

Automate Tour Reminders

Minimize stress. Automate reminders to inform staff of all tours, meetings, and appointments. Additionally, eliminate no-shows by sending parents tour confirmation texts and reminders. Ensure there are no unexpected drop-ins or forgotten appointments. 

The Benefits of a Digital Tour Scheduler

Improve your parent experience.

Make tour scheduling convenient for families.

Enhance your website, hands-free.

Add a digital tour scheduler to your website with the click of a button.

Minimize tour no-shows.

Automated reminders ensure families and staff are well aware of tour appointments. 

Boost enrollment.

Provide best-in-class tours to encourage enrollment.

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