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Standardize enrollment across your childcare franchise locations.

Make your enrollment process consistent across all your childcare franchise locations. Deliver a unified experience that’s on-brand to increase revenue & your bottom line.

enroll - lead management, dashboard

Ensure brand consistency.

Use email, text, and landing page templates that reflect your brand. Maintain a consistent look and feel - no matter the location.

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enroll - PST, tour talking points, parent-scheduled tours

Host best-in-class center tours.

Save staff time and ensure they never forget a scheduled tour with our Tour Kiosk. List talking points for your centers, so staff can easily access key information. Provide an on-point tour every time. 

Effortlessly oversee your franchisees.

Monitor productivity and keep your entire team in the loop on what’s been completed and what needs extra attention. Franchise staff can easily plan their daily, weekly, or monthly schedules.

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Automate conversion & performance reports for each location.

Understand how marketing is performing across franchise locations. In one click, make data-driven decisions on where your marketing can improve. See which campaigns bring in enrollments. Refine your strategy to increase revenue with real-time data.

Stay on-brand, across locations.


"I like the ability to conveniently manage and access multiple locations for someone who is an administrator. However, [giving my staff] access to specific locations is important. The [corporate dashboard] bar graph gives you a quick overview of where each location is at with their leads."

Sarah J., Director of Marketing Operations

The Benefits of Using Franchise Management

Boost parent satisfaction.

Ensure every family has a positive association with your brand. 

Increase Revenue

Standardizing business processes impacts costs and experience quality.

Keep every location on-brand.

Reflect your brand’s look, and feel with personalized templates.

Improve productivity.

Get insight into franchisee performance from one-click reports.

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